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Emergency Medicine, Trauma, and First Aid

Emergency Medicine, Trauma, and First Aid

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Emergency Medicine, Trauma, and First Aid ...
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Emergency Medicine, Trauma, and First Aid
With emergencies it is important to know how to recognize and handle them!

1.   Common Simple Emergencies
Most common simple emergencies
by clinical specialty

Craig Feied, MD, Mark Smith, MD, Jon Handler, MD, Michael Gillam, MD
Longwood Information LLC

2.   eMedicine Emergency Medicine
Most complete emergency medicine
Trauma, and
First aid by subject

3.   Learn CPR!!!
Information and training resources
Illustrated guides detailing CPR
Children and adults

Go To: Learn CPR

4.   First Aid
Learn the basics of first aid, as well as basic wound care and what to do if someone is choking.
You will also find out how to recognize basic health emergencies such as a heart attack or low blood sugar.

5.   Trauma Image Bank
The Trauma Imagebank is intended as a repository of quality, useful trauma images on the Internet
Trauma care professionals from around the world regularly submit images of interest and educational value to the imagebank

6.   Medical Slides Gallerie
Trauma images

7.   Suicide, Accident, and Severe Trauma Images
Warning! Very graphic, gory pictures and definitely not for everybody!
This link was forwarded to me quite a while ago. IIn my opinion these images only benefit someone who is planning on going into search & rescue, EMT, First Responder, trauma, medical examiner, forensics, autopsy, or a suicide counseling profession. They can help to let you know what you might be getting into! Other than that...yuck -- don't look!
Blunt trauma
Cuts & Stabs
Drugs and chemicals

7.   David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages
Primary focus on on emotional trauma
Traumatic stress
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder


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