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How To Draw Up Insulin

How To Draw Up Insulin

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How To Draw Up Insulin...
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How To Draw Up Insulin
How To Draw Up Two Types Of Insulin In The Same Syringe
Combining two types of insulin in the same syringe is easier than it first appears.
You just need to know the order and then follow the steps below!

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 5 minutes

What You Will Need:
Long-lasting insulin
Short-acting insulin
Alcohol prep pads
Insulin syringe

Here's How To Do It:
Ensure patient’s blood sugar is appropriate to the insulin dose to be administered.
Check the label of insulin vials, confirm dose of both types; check expiration dates.
Wash hands.
Mix longer-lasting insulin by rolling vial between hands or gently inverting 20 times. Do not shake.
Shaking introduces air into the solution, and air bubbles make it difficult to draw up an accurate dose.
Swab top of both vials with alcohol prep pad; let dry.
Remove cap from syringe and draw up air equivalent to the amount of long-lasting insulin to be
Inject air into long-lasting insulin vial but do not withdraw any insulin yet.
Remove needle from vial. Draw up air equivalent to the amount of short-acting insulin to be administered.
Inject air into short-acting vial. Leave the needle in the vial.
Turn the bottle upside down making sure the needle is covered with insulin
Draw up the short-acting dose. Remove any air bubbles by tapping syringe and injecting air back into vial,
making sure the syringe is refilled with the correct amount of insulin before withdrawing needle.
Carefully insert needle into long-lasting insulin vial. Making sure the needle is covered with insulin
Slowly withdraw insulin until the black tip lines up with the total amount of insulin ordered.
Remove needle and recap per facility protocol.

cloudy clear clear cloudyTo recall the order in which to insert air
and withdraw insulin
Remember: “Cloudy-Clear-Clear-Cloudy”

70/30 and 50/50 premixed insulin preparations eliminate the need for combining two types of insulin in one
syringe. This can be helpful to patients who self-administer. The disadvantage is decreased dosing flexibility.

Syringes with short, ultrafine needles are available which can make insulin administration more comfortable
for children and older patients with less body fat.


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