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Medical Law And Ethics

Medical Law And Ethics

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Medical Law And Ethics...
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Medical Law And Ethics
Practical business law & ethics information for leaders, managers, and health care professionals, and the realm of values and morality.

1.   Medical Ethics: An Overview
The word "ethics" is derived from the Greek word ethos (character) and
from the Latin word mores (customs)
Generally, failure to comply with a code of professional ethics may result in expulsion from the profession or some lesser sanction

2.  Issues in Risk Management
Interactive online tutorial
The goals of the overall risk management program are to identify areas of actual or potential risk, prevent, as much as possible, injuries to patients, visitors and employees, and to prevent or limit financial loss to the hospital and its staff.
The legal setting
Avoiding malpractice
The medical record
Patient rights
Risk Handbook and resources

Thomas J. Balcezak, MD; Patrick Lynch, MS; Phillip Simon, BFA; Sean Jackson, DMA;
C. Carl Jaffe, MD; and Edwin C. Cadman, MD
Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT

3.   A Glossary of Terms in Ethics
Lawrence M. Hinman

4.   Ethics Case Studies
Santa Clara University
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

5.   Medical Ethics -- Resources for Med Students
An Education in Ethics
Case Studies

6.   Pain and the Law
Developed by St. Louis University and
the American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics
under a grant from the May Day Fund

7.   University of Connecticut Health Center
Division of Medical Humanities, Health Law, and Ethics
Educating medical, dental, and public health students

8.   Positive Profiles
Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative Web site
The premier website for humanism in medicine

9.   Online Ethics Center: Responsible Research
Contains cases, discussions, guidelines, and
regulations bearing on the responsible conduct of research
including both issues of research integrity and
issues of the treatment of the research subject

10.   Center for Health Law Studies
A center at St. Louis University School of Law
researches cutting-edge issues in the areas of antitrust
e-health, elder law, disability law
and bioethics

11.   Elder Law Aging with Dignity
Nonprofit organization dedicated to educating Americans on
the impending aging phenomenon, and
to advocate for new attitudes and approaches to aging

12. Patient's Right to Palliative Care
Doctors have an ethical obligation to treat pain as effectively as possible
Dedicated to educating the public and healthcare workers

13. Dying and The Market
Is there money to be made off the dying?
Is it ethical to make money off the bereaved?
How are come "clever" business people cashing in?

14. The Euthanasia Corner
Resource organizations, commentaries, court decisions, and
news you can use

15. Lawcopedia’s Guide to Medical Malpractice
Guide to understanding elements and strategies
involved in a medical malpractice claim
including the litigation process, medical experts, and
confidential status of medical records
Many links to common examples of malpractice
in medical specialties and procedures

16. Health Privacy Project
Georgetown University's Institute for Health Care Research and
Policy's Health Privacy Project site offers
legislation, consumer information and publications

17. SDSU College of Business Administration
Business Ethics and Social Issues Exercises
What is sexual harassment quiz

18. Codes of Ethics Online: Health Care
Center For the Studies Of Ethics In the Profession
Mental Health
Physical Health
General and Other Specialties

19. Law and Medical Ethics: Ethical Topic in Medicine
Law and medical ethics are both dynamic and
are in a constant state of change
In the course of practicing medicine, a range of issues may arise that
require consultation from either a lawyer
a risk manager, or an ethicist
Lisa A. Vincler, JD, Assistant Attorney General
Faculty Associate, Department of Medical History and Ethics, University of Washington

20.The Hastings Center
Explores fundamental ethical questions in health care
biotechnology, and the environment

21. US Abortion Law Site
To help people, regardless of their political bent
understand the background and state of abortion law in America, and
access related legal material

22. CRLP Center For Reproductive Law and Policy
Working toward guaranteeing women's reproductive rights as a human right


23. Pediatric Ethics Committee
Provide bioethics education on case-based issues, as well as
on medical practice standards in the provision of
inpatient and outpatient healthcare

24. Do You Know Your Medical Rights?
The only way to make sure your rights as a patient are respected is
to know what they are
Here we explain those rights as well as your personal responsibilites

25. Medical Consent Form Templates
Respect for persons requires that subjects, to the degree that they are capable,
be given the opportunity to choose what shall or shall not happen to them.
This opportunity is provided when adequate standards for informed consent are satisfied.

26. Law and Ethics Terminology


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