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Surgical Instruments and Surgery

Surgical Instruments and Surgery

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Surgical Instruments and Surgery ...
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Surgical Instruments and Surgery
Basic laparotomy and surgical instruments are essential to accomplish most types of general surgery!

1.   Surgery Room Procedures
Scrub, Gown, and Glove Procedures
Credits: - Free education on the Internet

2.   Basic Surgical Instruments
Cutting and dissecting
Clamping and occluding
Grasping and holding
Retracting and exposing
STC Library & Health Sciences

3.   Principles of Surgery
Information is provided on surgical instruments, preparing the equipment for surgery
Peparing the patient for surgery, preparing the surgeon for surgery and sutures, and suture handling
The information provided on these topics includes text, images and video clips that require Quick Time movie player. The site includes a collection of educational and commercial links.

4.   Allen: Surgical Instruments
Learn and solidify your knowledge of surgical instruments
Dental instruments

5.  Greek and Roman Surgical Instruments
Instruments used by doctors in antiquity

6. Instrument Care

7.   Physician Equipment, Instruments, and Automated Devices

8.   Basic Surgical Techniques
This sequence of 21 pages covers
an entire surgical process from start to finish
These pages contain a large number of graphics
Emily Rogers, CST, RN, BS, CNOR, Department Head, Surgical Technology, Spartanburg Technical College
STC Library & Health Sciences

A free on-line surgical resource
This site contains educational material aimed at those preparing for undergraduate and postgraduate surgical examinations
It includes clinical tutorials
A journal club
Multiple choice questions
Revision notes
Slide library
Discussion group and more

10. Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery - Ear and Otoplasty
Otoplasty Cosmetic Sculpture of the Ears
An interesting, well illustrated tutorial

11. YourSurgery.Com
Easy to understand information for common and specific surgical procedures
Concise description of each surgery
Anatomy of the operative site
Pathology of the Illness
Possible complications of surgery
Symptoms associated with the condition
Alternative surgical solutions
Methods of diagnosis
Post Operative Care
Innovations in surgical technique


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