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You are preparing for your medical assistant exams and suddenly your brain is firing blanks!


You have come to the right place! MA Exam Help is here to help...

We help medical assistant students prepare for their medical assistant exams! Those studying for their chapter quizzes, competency tests and final exams will appreciate the wealth of free resources, tutorials, worksheets, checklists and interactive quizzes we offer to review important medical assisting subject areas.

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We understand the challenges medical assistant students face! Review and practice medical assisting topics, learn and important concepts, take assessments and solidify skills and knowledge taught in medical assistant class. Our website covers many areas of study deemed important to those who are currently leaning, or teaching the medical assistant curriculum. From beginner to expert, there is something for everybody who is about to enter the medical assisting field as a career. 


Medical Assistant Student Pledge

The medical assisting curriculum is broad, and quizzes, practical reviews, and exams can be challenging.

Medical assistant students, who want to reach their career goals, should make a conscious effort to be well prepared and organized in their academic studies and take the following pledge...

  Take the following pledge:

  • to be alert and take an active part in all classes 
  • to read all materials on a topic to be presented in the class prior to the lecture 
  • to continually review and study all lessons even after a training module is finished 
  • to remember that it will take hours of hands-on practiceto become proficient in all essential skills 
  • to fully dedicate myself to my goals and help others to reach theirs